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Sports Injury

Sports Injury Clinic at Sports Massage Leeds

If you are on this page we assume that you have been injured. We are sorry to hear that, but we are here to help you and help you fast, there is no time to waste for two reasons:

  • 1. the faster you start your rehabilitation treatment the more chances for full recovery
  • 2. we know from our own experience that you are dying to get back to the gym or on the pitch. There is nothing worst than watching your mates play while you are on the side-line in pain!

OK lets get the ball rolling. If injury occurred today or yesterday and there is a swelling put a “cold/ice pack” on it. It will help. NEVER apply heat on a “fresh”injury, as it would increase the swelling and slow down healing. Next step: Go to your GP! Your doctor will examine you and tell you what is the problem. If he/she suspect broken or dislocated bones he/she will send you to the hospital. Otherwise he/she will give you painkillers and ask you to rest for a few days. If you are lucky you may get NHS “physio” but the waiting list is long.

That’s  why  we  are  here  to  help  you!

Lee Keegan Thai Boxer  “After suffering from pain and discomfort in my elbow from training I was unable to extend my arm for a few days. I tried multiple different methods to sort out the problem but was unable to do so. After only 2 sessions at Sports Massage Leeds not only have I been able to extend my arm but also the pain and discomfort has disappeared and I’ve been able to get back to training.”

First visit in the Sports Massage Leeds Injury clinic

On the first session with us your injury will be tested/examined again so we will know exactly what muscles/area need to be treated first. Then, we will use many diffident techniques to decrease tension in the injured area and instantly reduce pain. At the end of first sessions we will do PNF stretches to increase the range of movement in the injured area and we will show you stretching and strengthening exercises to do at home (you will also get access to videos with those exercises to watch at home). This is a very important part of our collaboration and if you stick to “the game plan” we will create for you, you will recover much faster!


People often ask us how long they have to wait before they can get back to training? We can not give you an accurate answer to this question, as all people and injuries are different. It will depend on your age, fitness, life style and many other factors, but we can definitely tell you that if you stick to our advise,  you will be back into “the game” sooner than you think.

On the following sessions we will monitor your progress and adjust your treatment accordingly in order to maximize the speed of recovery. We will work with you to find out what went wrong and why you injured yourself. Then, we will develop a better technique to make sure that this does not happen again!

No matter how fit and healthy you are and in spite of how carefully you play your sports it is sometimes difficult to avoid a sports injury. So do not beat yourself up. Give us a call and start your journey to a full and fast recovery now!